Black Bear Biodiesel is a cooking oil collection service, as well as a biodiesel processer and distributor. We offer clean, professional and timely service in the collection of waste cooking oil from local restaurants and businesses. Our collection services are further distinguished from other providers in that the oil stays in our local community, and is offered back to our community as a renewable fuel source. After collecting the oil, we recycle it into yellow grease, which is then made into biodiesel. 

At this time, we are proud to partner with hundreds of restaurants in collecting and recycling their oil. Our partnerships with restaurants extend across the entire state of Vermont. Our reach is ever-expanding.We are happy to serve small “mom and pop” accounts, as well as large restaurant chains and resorts.

If you would like to join restaurants such as the Positive Pie Group, Three Penny Taproom, and Jay Peak Resort in partnering with us, please be in touch with us to talk about setting up an account. We also recycle any amount of oil, from homeowners, farmers, or store owners, etc. Contact us and we will set up a pick up.