There are two facets to BBB, The first is a waste vegetable oil collection service throughout the entire state of Vermont and beyond. The other is a pay-at-the-pump biodiesel fuel station located on Rt. 2 in Plainfield, VT.


We service all size accounts, from the small "mom and pop" accounts to the large restaurant chains, and resorts, as well as state municipalities.

Fuel Filters:

Biodiesel will actually clean your car's fuel system of all the accumulated sludge from petroleum diesel. There is a good chance that there could be enough build up to clog your fuel filter. It is recommended that you change your fuel filter after approximately 3 months after the FIRST time you start using biodiesel to prevent this from happening. Once your system has been cleaned out, and you are using biodiesel consistently, you should not have to repeat this.

Fuel Injection Pump:

Some vehicles, and older Volkswagens in particular, have reported having fuel injection pump failure, specifically relating to Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. Vermont switched to ULSD in 2010. The ULSD can cause injection pump seals to shrink and harden. Biodiesel actually makes the seals swell. If switching back and forth between ULSD and biodiesel often enough, it may end up causing damage to the seals. If your fuel injection pump does fail, try using B100 in your vehicle, as the swelling may actually fix the problem.

Engine oil dilution in Newer (2007+) vehicles:

There is debate about the use of biodiesel in newer diesel vehicles because of a new feature in these cars to reduce emissions called a Diesel Particulate Filter. Many manufacturers will not honor their warranty with the use of more than B5 if the vehicle has a DPF. At this time, we feel there is no clear indication that biodiesel has a negative impact on these engines, and these relationships need to be further studied. If you are concerned about your warranty, however, you can create your own biodiesel blends using our B100 – “splash” blending right in your fuel tank with petroleum diesel to get the percentage you are seeking.